About Fight Club Movie

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I have a homework about design, I searched but couldn’t find anything ,so I 'm writing here :slight_smile:

I have to write about fight club movie but question is that “How do you evaluate Fight Club movie as a desing object”.Could you give some idea about it ?

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start looking at color and when it is used. for example, in Hero, color is used to present emotions. Corpse Bride uses it to play on the fact that the dead are more alive then the alive are. So just start focusing when color is used.

After that you could look at the music used and how it amplifies the scenes.

I would go big picture and write about how it is a movie that was designed to appeal to a specific demographic by creating certain emotions through a combination of element.

In this case those elements include the story, how the story is told, the look and attitude of the characters, the dialogue, the casting, and especially the climactic reveal etc. Add all those choices up and you get a movie that a lot of people in a well-defined demographic really love.

You are not your F$*%ing Khakis!

Talk about the anti-design aspect as it relates to the anti-consumerism themes throughout the movie.

“The things you own, end up owning you.”

If this became widely adopted, we’d be out of jobs.

Yup i would agree with Nurb

Classic scenes of where his room ends up pretty much being a replica of the IKEA catalogue in order to make him feel good, when really he feels like crap.

Compared to his alter ego who lives in a dump has no possesions.

“How pathetic, a fridge full of condiments and no food.”

You should first try to understand what’s the movie really about.

For one of my design classes a few years ago I had to watch this movie as well. Two things not about the movie story itself happened:

  1. I had to buy my first DVD player.
  2. A guy shot several people in the movie theater after watching Fight Club here in Brazil.

These two events influenced how I perceived the movie in several different levels, including the violence… Could it really have influenced that man? Or would he do that after watching something like Bambi? Is it really about violence?

A) Read the book. (the movie is hardly even graphic in its depiction of violence in comparison.)

B) Look at the nuances of the film.

C) you can make some notes on the use of sound, but typically in film analysis sound is left out, as it is not part of the Mis-En-Scene.

D) relate it to current events :

thx for all replies
I have an idea now :slight_smile: I can write about fake person’s life style. Eg: He always wears expensive clothes and he wears sun glasses at night :slight_smile:
how is it ? can it be reply for the question ? :S

What about the main character having split personality disorder and the yin and yang within all of us as designers and consumers? On one hand you have a guy who would do anything to blend in, and in the same person a guy for whom status quo equalled death. In the end, neither extreme was correct, but happy medium… and a bunch of financial buildings blown up… not a bad ida at this point!

Just write about Blade Runner it is waaaay more designerly.

Both Brad Pitt and Ed Norton wear expensive clothes in the film. Brad Pitt’s character will have on 79 cent slacks from goodwill on and $1000 loafers. It was one of the hidden jokes in the film. Also the shirt that he has on in the end/beginning that looks like a comic book page. Is an orgy.

How about those Oakley “x”'s he wears, or are they sub zeros? Toward the end in the hotel room.

Also, read the book for Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is the name of the book)