about emotional design

has anyone here heard about emotional design?

maybe it is forwarded by Donald Norman. But I am still confusing about it.

what is emotional design in deed? A product can arouse your emotion?

How can judge whether the consumer products are emotional or not?

what do you think?

have a look a at product semantics similar sort of area, you’ll come across a fella called Reinhardt Butter also think there’s some mention of such subjects on some previous core 77 discussion boards… interesting stuff !!! other areas to look could be semiotics… not the same but the two get intertwined sometimes…

…an intangible beyond feature/benefit or even aesthetic…although the latter is closely associated and it often compensates for the short comings of the former…much of starck’s design work are good examples…it may not function the best or you may never really use it, but it makes you feel good just having it around…