About deciding school (Very Important)

I applied to CCS, Pratt, and Parsons.

Major : Product Design

I’ve talked to many people but they say

CCS is not as distinguished(famous) as the rest (Parsons or pratt).

I know CCS’s product design course is good. However,

In the country that I will live after graduating, popularity of the school

is one of the greatest criteria in companies.

That is why I am a little bit worried about going to CCS.

What do you think about this?

what country is that? Are you Korean by any chance?

Well if you’re that worried then why don’t you go to Parsons or Pratt?

Popularity of the school has nothing to do with making you a good designer. It may be one thing if a certain school has good connections with companies in your home country, but just having the reputation means very little. I also think it’s pointless to base 4 years of your life around what you think a company will be looking for 4 years down the road. Design changes so fast that to assume you know exactly where you want to be employed in 2015 is a pretty big risk. I went into school wanting to design cars, and came out wanting the exact opposite.

Design education is about learning the different areas and educating yourself on the process to become a great designer, not getting a piece of paper from the school with the best name in hopes that it will land you the job you want at 18.

And why does this sound exactly like the last thread: