about cuppings...

I wonder if you have ever tried to attach cuppings (suckers) to walls. I know that they requier smooth surfaces for "secure"adjustment but i wonder if they can be placed to more rough surfaces. I don not plan to lift from them heavy objects, just some strings.

thank you.

They’re called suction cups, search ‘em on-line…I know that the cheap kind you get at any store won’t stick to rough or porous surfaces, but there’s a ton of them out there that are a bit more pricey, but they stick to anything, even curved rough surfaces.

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melovescookies, thanx very much for your reply…I tried to look for them on-line with the names above and the result was nothing…

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What if you stick some vinyl circles…pieces of acrylic…or some other sleek material to your wall at the spots where you want your suction cups to be? And then place the suction cups on’em? …there’s a lot of different films with very smooth surface and with sticky back you could use.

yeah…that sounds a good idea but after a quick look on the net i think i have found the kind of suction cup i need. The guys they produce such things are crazy!!!they have something for any use, for any surface!!

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looks like they got it all. maybe they can help more

suck ahoy…

I don’t know which suction cups you are using, but Melovescookies is right about the plastic or acrylic.
Suction cups require a sustained vacuum under the cup in order to hold onto the surface. Since walls are made of porous materials which allow air to flow through them (even though it’s a very slow flow), they will not support suction cups over time. Eventually, air being sucked through the paint will fill the vacuum, and cause the cup to fall off.
Also, a bond to a wall is only as strong as the weakest link, so if a vinyl sticker were to be used, the suction cup would only be able to support as much force as the sticker would be able to. Which makes me think, why not just sticky-tape your item to the wall ?

Because of this, suction cups are really only suited for solid plastics, polished metals (even textured metals like refridgerator doors mess them up pretty quick), glass. and polished, sealed, non-porous stone, like granite.

If you want a removeable, non-dammaging attachment to walls that can support a lot of weight, take a look at Command adhesives from 3M