ABC Carpet & Home NYC

ABC Carpet & Home NYC; can anyone provide any personal insight into this organization? i.e., been in their showrooms, vendor qualification, purchasing volumes, employee awareness of the products carried, etc.


The flagship store in NYC on Broadway is really amazing. They have 6-7 floors of all different types of furniture and random stuff.

I’m not sure about vendor quals and purchasing volumes, but they do carry a lot of antique stuff, one off, low run BK type lines, all the way to Knoll and HMI reproduction and everything in between. The sales people seem pretty knowledgeable. They all stay in their little zone. The Conran shop in the basement is also chock full of covet worthy designy stuff.

There’s a carpet only showroom across the street, and another showroom in Queens I think.

Are you trying to get something in there?

Thanks Brett.

I was contacted by an ABC buyer with regard to some pieces that I do. I checked out their website(s) but was interested to know how the place “felt”, if their sales people were knowledgeable, quality of the products they offer, etc. I’ve been ask to supply a sample and production rates; knowing now that they offer “one-offs” is helpful. The production rates for the kind of stuff I’ve been knocking could be described as… glacial. Not too much economy of scale in this stuff.

I’d go for it, for sure. They carry products in a huge range of price points.

Samples en route to NYC for inclusion in the ABC Home Holiday catalog shoot; initial order of twenty pieces pending approval.

This could become interesting.