Aaargh, no more!

I swear, if hear one more person talking about how controversial BMW’s design is or how they themselves have an idea to revolutionize the design of sports coupes, I will make them a cyclops with my bic.

Is anybody else as incredibly sick and tired of autos as I am?

Nope. I still love 'em. Don’t much care for the 7 or 5 series, or the X3, but everything else is just plain gorgeous.

I have to say, personally, I think that BMW’s design is evolutionary in nature with some interesting detailing. However, everyone who doesn’t own one keeps telling me how ugly they are.

Is this a media thing Bradford, just to keep BMW in the front pages? I don’t know…

oh gosh no! What have I done?

Me, both bimmers and merc’s are souless machine tools I do however like bmw’s bikes (heck anything is better than a harley).

I think that because they are the most expensive product that most people buy and the majority of the population owns at least one, autos will always attract an annoying amount of air time. Oddly most people still seem to think of it as a way of expressing individuality. Is that Ironic? I know what you mean, the constant drone of BMW owners is particular excruciating. Too bad for them that the Edge looks better than either X. And the TT makes their coup look like a clown shoe. Oh and who cares how well a BMW corners at 130mph. See now you sucked me into it. This is annoying. You are right. But yet it is hard to stop.

It makes me wretch. But not nearly as much as the constant prodding I get to buy a new car. Several of the designers here have told me that my 2000 Beetle is longer cutting it. Should I cave to the pressure?

Oh and as irritating as it is, it is the best category to view form and detail ideas, especailly in the interiors.

I drive a very old car here are some pick of “sister” cars, old dont mean bad.

Great links. Do you happen to know of anything classic that gets good mileage. I assume it is sort of an oxymoron given the weight of most of the calssics but I figured I would ask. Thanks again

all lotus cars did, so did many of the old mg’s, triumphs, jags etc The bora gets about 25 mpg so its way better than most suv’s

Classic with good gas milage? Beetle. Preferably pre-1957 oval window (blind spots make cars cool). Now you can upgrade to a 5 speed box, almost as much power as you want, safer IRS suspension.

My Triumph TR7 gets between 30-38 on the highway…It’s a dead reliable car if you work all the bugs out. Mostly because of the initial build quality at the Liverpool plant. I have the twin Zenith Stromberg carb setup and can be tricky to tune, but once you get the hang of it…no probs. Great car and handles superbly. Parts are fairly cheap as well. Just make sure you get one with a good body. Nice classic to drive. the following picture looks exactly like mine…although mine has a little wear and tear.

I remember when they came out, the ad campain was “the wedge” in counterpoint to the bettle. Triumphs were allways good rides, still fondly remember my TR-6, the top sucked but who needs a top? Well the electrics sucked too, but back then it was am/fm windshield wipers, heater, turn signles, lights and overdrive…not a big deal to chase down a bad ground or what ever.