anyone know about the associate of arts at the academy of arts university?
can you get a job with just a AA are do you need a BFA?

The degree is not important as important as your skills and knowledge. But I dont not think you will have enough skills and knowledge with an AA degree in ID to compete with others. Also, it is usually the projects you complete in your upper division BFA or BS classes that go in your portfoliio.

I’m currently working as a designer with an AA.
But I’m also going back to school for a BA. It’s mostly because I never want to be excluded from the running for a job because of my degree.

with our feild getting more and more competitive, it’s only going to get harder to get in for that interview. And companies are going to have to use requirements to thin the applicants down to a manageable level. You see more and more jobs with BA/BFA as a requirement.

It is possible to find work, but I think it’s only going to get harder to find good work with an AA.