A4 or A3

Is it better to have your portfolio in A3 size? Why?

I am tempted to make mine A4 size because it’s more portable.

There really is no right or wrong size.

A4 is more portable and easier to manage if you are mailing it or leaving it behind (fit nicely in a shelf, drawer, doesnt take up too much space on the desk). Good size for one person to review themselves and flip through or present across the table in a 1 on 1.

A3 is good to present across a big table to many people.

The size really depends on what you are doing with it. also to consider is that you can print a4 at home while a3 you might need to get it done somplace (depending on your printer of course). good to have the option to print at homeso you can update the portfolio or make more copies as needed.

I’d personally go for an a4 size and if presenting to multiple people just bring more copies so everyone can have one.