A young designer seeking comments on my portfolio

I would like some comments and opinions on what I have to offer to a Design Consultancy.
I am curently working however aiming for a new experience.
please check it out at


Very nice indeed, it’s varied and shows an array of skills, both technical and artistic, what about showing some manufactured stuff? something you worked on?
Another matter is that the colors you use are pretty stunning, i mean high impact (tooling and toys usually tend to do so), maybe you could try to show also something with a more delicate or subtle use of colors.
It is very good that you have real size prototypes, taht is a really interesting plus.
Good luck

Is Jim Kaufman still there? Great guy and instructor.

Yes Ji is Still there and he is still a gret guy…

Tell him Lauren G said hi… I knew him when he taught at U of I, Urbana Champaign