A very cool design

just find a very cool design here:

you did read the comments…panned by almost all.

The technology is cool, the application is is a poor choice. One of those instances where just because they could didn’t mean they should.

I agree. Could be cool in certain applications, just not this one.

maybe…but if you read the link you will find another kind of comments.
and infact ,the panned comments does not point to the keypoint of the concept…

And maybe, people like linking it to show it how bad ? the number of linking website can show something

It looks cool but it is hard to imagine that the lack of tactile feedback results in a pleasant experience. Have you tried one?

not really a fan of the of this design per se, but as far as tactile feedback, there are companies doing a lot with creating tactile feedback with various technologies these days for digital (even touchscreen) applications, check out Immersion technologies http://www.immersion.com/

i think this whole new craze of “touch” needs to be rethought, humans are not digital we dont think in touch or no touch especially while typing

no tangible feedback = fail, imo

but still fairly sexy, could definitely see the technology being integrated into other products, maybe the keyboard is just a stepping stone

Have any of you used the projected keyboads? they are okay, kind of. I would not write a book, but maybe an email.

Here’s an interesting question. Most people don’t like the idea because most of us are used to keyboards that feel a certain way. When your last keyboard broke, did you go out and buy the same one, one similar to it?

What if someone grew up and used only hard surfaces to type with? Could they be annoyed with a regular keyboard that “keeps moving” on them?

Microwave ovens and computer touchpads don’t offer the kind of feedback a keyboard does, and while they’re not great for continuous use, we could manage.

Could you manage and eventally get used to a hard surface for typing, once your mind got past the fact the keys just aren’t sinking in and clicking like they “should” ?

hehe ,maybe ,someone is wondering whether it is comfortable or not when you click on the surface.but the problem is easy to be solved, we can coverd transparent silica gel on the surface.of course , the surface can be designed easily to sense keys by your fingers. for example , a delve a key on the surface, so that your finger can sense the position. but for sure ,this is not the important point of the design,because it is not a real product.the design mainly show the new way of inputing without dust keys.

someone even wondering why dont use wireless.oh please don’t ask that kind of question.of course it can use bluetooth tech.but it is not the key point of the idea.and for the moment ,it is still very slow for bluetooth tech to transer mass information.so it is not the best choice for the design because it need transfer image and video info.you may feel mad when you click a key and wait for a while then it appears on the screen.

Oh dear god, a keyboard with no tactile surface? No thanks.

I will not sacrifice a decent typing speed and accuracy for an overly designed piece of crap.

no tactile? god save me…

Sorry, my response was a bit harsh and impulsive. I’ve used solid surface typing interfaces and they bring back bad memories. I’m so used to using a keyboard where the keys will depress under the pressure of your fingers that typing on a solid surface tends to cause me hand problems. Your finger absorbs all the vibration from it hitting the ground that the faster I find myself typing the more irritating it becomes.

I don’t think I’ll ever be sold on a keyboard that doesn’t have buttons as keys for this reason.

I don’t think I could type very well on that. It’s similar to the idea of the keyboard beamed by LED’s onto your desk surface.

…But it may not be that bad, I’ve seen people type pretty fast on an iphone which was strange at first.

Also I can’t stand wireless mouses and keyboards that aren’t as responsive, and then you have to worry about charging them/batteries?

it is not strange at all, it is hard for one to change his/her habit.if someone is used to dress sportswear,he must feel strange when he is dressed in due form for the first time.In China, at the beginning of reform, people even think the youth who wears jeans wear or colorful wear is bad man.
microsoft surface is hard surface ,too, will you refuse to use it ?

The phone I have, samsung instinct, is a full touchscreen, but vibrates when you touch it. so it feels like you’re pressing real buttons. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s a lot better than the iphone or something where when you’re texting you don’t know if you pressed a button or not…