a tasty bit of motoring

Ok, so how do you improve on a classic…here is how.

Not a Jag engine; new block, crank, and internals.

Eagle Speedster

looks like, sounds like, so now it just don’t overheat and leak like a old jag…win win.

ahh, but do the electrics work?!

its a JAG, a real automobile not some 3 d I phone or an BMW with 87 computers and a book 5" thick to operate the thing. Your in heaven when the motor start a example of the beauty of simple things, vacuum assist disk brakes, carburetors, manual gear box, roll up windows and manual steering.

I was referring to the LUCAS electrics, but you knew that :wink:

My dad had an XK120 for a couple of years, I was too young to drive it :neutral_face: My mum hated it… . I loved it.