A Tablet that Makes Sense

I have used tablets, and I’m considering the purchase of Cintiq. Both of them serve a purpose, but both of them have flaws in their value proposition (for me).

This is the first attempt at making a tablet that makes sense to me. Now…if they could integrate the Cintiq technology into it so that is a true sketching tablet…

Hmmm…I wonder if there is a way to turn on/off the Wacom technology? As in, flip a switch and it is purely capacitive touch (like most touch devices) or pen driven like the Cintiq.

Which actually brings me to question, the Cintiq Touch…how does that device handle my wrist or my other hand resting on the screen while one draws? I’ve seen the videos of the Cintiq touch in action and it looks magical, but I’ve yet to actually play with one in person.

Wacom pens use a magnetic digitizer. The touch features are an added capacitive touch panel on top of that digitizer (which is behind the display). That sandwich means if the tablet detects the pen nearby, it can disable the touch sensor or change the behavior. Capacitive also has some pretty advanced filtering these days, which understands the difference in contact area between your palm vs your finger.