a stretch

Looking for a semi translucent stretch fabric that will hold its elasticity, is heat resistant and conforms to fire regulations.
Any suggestions or supplier leads would be most appreciated.


I wonder what you need it for…if you need it for a school project, I would advise to use stretchy polyester…or pretty much any other stretchy fabric and spray it with some fire retardant, it is often sold in fabric stores.

If you need it for a more substantial project, I am not sure…they must have polyester ( I’m thinking polyester, ‘cause it’s dimensionally stable) mixed up with some lycra, and fire retardant treated…but then you should research it yourself. There’s way too much textile out there to know about…unless that’s your only job.

There’s also S45 spandex…supposed to be heat resistant…modacryl is naturally fire resistant…but it doesn’t come in transparent stretch.

All I got.