A sample of sketches

Hi all,

Just a sample of sketches from various university projects

Comments welcome!

Dean, Uk

Just some more

Just some more

You can start using templates to achieve the circular patterns. ID Sketching on Vimeo… could be useful…

Contour Lines … IDSKETCHING: Contour Lines on Vimeo

Primitive Combinations 1 … IDSKETCHING: Primitive Combinations 1 on Vimeo

Primitives II … IDSKETCHING.COM:Primitives II on Vimeo

Form Developement … IDSKETCHING.COM Video Tutorial: Form Development on Vimeo

Shadows … IDSKETCHING.COM: Shadows on Vimeo

Basic Marker Technique… IDSKETCHING.COM : Basic Marker Technique on Vimeo

Quick Thumbnailing … Video Tutorial: Quick Thumbnailing on Vimeo

Cutaway View Demo … IDSKETCHING.COM: Cutaway View Demo on Vimeo

Vacuum Cleaner … IDSKETCHING.COM:Vacuum Cleaner on Vimeo

Printer Sketch … IDSKETCHING.COM: Printer Sketch on Vimeo