A rush and a push...

Hello! I’m new to this site but I have been reading many of the helpful posts. I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for book editions, newspapers and big commercial houses in Athens, Greece. I’m seeking information as far as the Ecole Estienne is concerned in France. I’m interested about the illustration course. Has anyone else had any prior experience to this school? Do u know what u’ve got to do in particular in order to get in? (as far as I’ve heard it holds a very good reputation). What does DMA stands for? Is it a bachelor’s or a masters degree? I already hold a first class BA in Visual Communication and I’ve tried to reach the school but I haven’t had any responses yet… Anyone please?
Thank u and greetings from Athens :slight_smile:

I’d suggest trying to post your question on THIS FORUM
Core77 is more of an ID forum than an illustration forum.
But someone here might have some better advice.

www.conceptart.org would be more appropriate.

Thank you for the tips, tho I’ve signed off deviantart a long time ago. Maybe I’ll give it a try at conceptart.org
Thanks again!