A running shoe design for Forrest Gump

Hi guys. I designed this shoe for people who love running and the movie Forrest Gump. I saw this movie again last week. It still give me alot of deep impress. Gumps attitude of the life. I think if a person who can keep insist on doing something to the end he will be successful. And when gump was running with Cortez he saw the beautiful sight at sunrise he had not seen before though the Cortez was totally dead. I think he need a nike max 360 but still simplicity as Cortez. So I design this shoe. My idea is very rough. So welcome questions and comments thanks.

Really slick use of Illustrator. and the concept looks great!
did you use Illustrator of the whole sketch or is there a bit of photoshop in there also.
looks great.

wurd up to the Gump

IF the shoe is for Forrest Gump fans, then everything about the concept should ALLUDE to the movie or character, but no mention should be made by name. Would Gump himself wear a pair of shoes that said “Forrest Gump” on it? Maybe…but that would probably be a hand written label on the inside of the shoe from his Mama.
Maybe you have a muddy smily face tread pattern on the sole or something. I love the movie too. Though I am not sure that I would buy a commerative shoe.

Yes Hotmix i am use to drawing sketch and effect in Illustrator and use photoshop for adjusting contrast after whole effect.
And MasterBlaster your suggestion is right and very clear to allude the movie. So I think maybe from begainning I should think clearly of design a Cortez update or a shoe for forrest. thank for your comment. And put muddy smily face on the outsole is a sweat idea.

nice concept to tie something in with a movie character. with all the special edition collabs these days (transformers, etc.) not too hard to believe something like this could get made esp. in relation to some 15th yr. anniversary Directors Edition DVD, etc. Although not sure the target market for the movie is really sneakerhads…

anyhow, good thoughts here in your original design and the comments above about the cortez update. maybe would be interesting to see something more linked with the original design with an update of materials, color, technology along the lines of the air max '90 360s that nike has done. retro upper on new outsole. a new design would be interesting too. I think there actually was a Cortez 2000 (or 2K) i remember, but it wasnt so hot, imho.

i do like the ideas mentioned for the branding, story elements. a handwritten name tag from “mama” would be a nice touch. maybe something else like a place to keep your chocolates under the tongue or the mud logo would be nice too.

your design is a good start. for the next step, i’d suggest to work on the whole package (design, branding, insole graphics, etc.). Something like this is rally more about the sum of the parts and the story not just the design, i believe.

as for the design, i think you have a nice start. the large rectangular quarter overlay is kinda reminiscent of the miller series and your proportion seems inline with some retro runners like the AM90, 180, air stab, etc. Check your heel thickness thogh…to me seems a bit thick in the midsole. also some more explanation on materials (what kind of mesh is that on the upper) and an outsole/top view would be nice.

keep up the good work.


what if the outsole traction looked something like this:

Rkuchinsky_thank for your suggestion. And it has been too busy recently. So I just refine outsole and insole. sorry for late reply.And I think the movie give me some feeling like unpretending and reminiscent. So I think just keep this shoe sober. I dont know if it has too many elements is good or bad. Yo_thank for your chocolate picture. Its a clear direction to design out sole. If any one have any comments to keep me refine it.


This is picture

COOL! I like the chocolates!

Could this shoe come with a sweet Ping-Pong paddle?
Something to think about for the packaging?


Copyboy_I think the packaging should include more information of the movie. and i will do it then.

I really like the cues and the way this concept is evolving!

keep it up!