!!!!!!!!!!!! A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im graduating in Spring '08 so the summer of '07 has a dillema for me.
Should i work, as a desing consultant, at a high end custom metal manufacturing company that last summer before im a senior or should i intern at an industrial design firm… get paid 600 a week (take home) or intern at a firm??? i dont really care about the money … i wanna do whats good for getting a industrial design job when i graduate!!! If i should intern please suggest where (prestigeous & respscatble firms) i should intern in NYC and why!!! thanks for your time guys and gals!!!

a) They both sound like decent options. Good luck.
b) Maybe switch to decaf.

you know how when someone uses the “f-word” a lot, it sort of loses it’s impact.

that’s what you have done with the exclamation point.
you have ruined it. I hope you’re happy.

Also, you should really ask yourself what you want to do in the long run. Your choice should reflect that, since you’re developing portfolio work in that direction, and if you have “relevant” work experience when it comes time to find that full-time job, it can only help you.

If you have an offer I suggest you take it. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush as the saying goes. At this point most places have already hired their interns (and they have probably already started working)…

(also, proof read, I felt like I was cracking the DaVinci code reading that post…)

you think id be goin to artschool if i could write??? “artschool”…lol

Design school.

and communication is a fundamental design skill.
As is attention to detail, and pride in your work.

Please don’t add to a stereotype.

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yeah, I figured you were.

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Plus it’s sort of fun to sound off.

Good luck with internship or job.

hope it works out well.

thanx bro

Are you coming out of undergrad?

Everytime I hear a newbie tallking about becoming a consultant straight out of school I laugh my ass off. Give yourself a few years of actual work before going out and telling people what to do. Please.

If you can intern at an ID firm and get paid for it, I’d say do it. There are lots of new grads hurting to try to get their foot in the door and you’re halfway in already and will get paid. You will learn a lot, go for it.

im not becoming a consultant, i AM a consultant, you dont 100% need a degree to be a consultant u just gotta be good at what u do and have some connections