A quick note about the tesla, farnsworth thing..

I was watching the pbs last night and ran across a womper. The story was about tracking down a old harley davidson and its connection to its use of the french cross and TB. It was a grand story, but at the end was a snippet that just pissed me off.

TB was a real killer, called the white plague and the search for a cure was big big money and fame thing. There was this real bright student of a Prof that in the space of 3 months isolated a antibiotic that did the trick, streptomicin. Now in fariy tale land he would have been showerd with flowers and got the girl but the reality was far darker.

The student was forced by the Prof to give up his rights and claims to the drug and its creation to the Prof, who of course got the goodies. The student went on and sued the Prof and the Uni and won. All good you say, well he didnt get a dime and what was worse the couldnt get a job at any other Uni for a long long time due to the old boy network and the great job the Prof and Uni did smearing him.

The moral, cover thy ass, learn PR, get a lawdog, and be realistic. If you have done something of real merrit, dont be surprised if someboy else (quite close to you) is going to steal the thunder. That aint right so head history and arm yourself.