A question as old as... well. Mac or PC?

So, I have heard a lot of people who swear by MAC’s for software and better graphics, but its hard to getaway from PC’s as they are EVERYWHERE. My school is almost only MAC. so what do yall think. Mac Or PC?

If you are a graphic designer get a mac… especially if you plan on doing print work. Mostly everyone else uses PCs

I have an old clunker G4 400Mhz, still running OS 9. To tell you the truth, it’s a piece of junk. Half the websites I visit wont support my Mac, new software programs only run on OS X. Although it’s true it’s an old machine, but at least old PC’s still get software support and updates.

Mac sux, bunch of ben and jerry’s f*cks supporting this rediculously poor and goofy HCi. Mac is a cult at best. But I do support them for being anti monopoly.

but at least old PC’s still get software support and updates.

There were tons of problems with old software with XP when it came out. Some apps still have problems.

Don’t be a platform snob. I may own a mac but of graphics mac is the way to go. Why? Because that is the industry standard. All the graphic jobs specifically request mac platform literacy.

They’re just tools. Each has its pros and cons.

Gave up my mac recently and bought a new PC
loaded with fasted graphic card and gigs of memories.
Mac can’t handle Alias or Solidworks but PC can
PC can also handle all the things that Mac can.

But Mac looks so much better and OSX is so fun to use.
It has some entertainment value as well as powerful
2D graphic design abilities.
Mac looks better for homes, galleries, graphic jobs and art students, but
PC better for Comp science, enginnering and 3D graphics because
it has more application and easy to be updated/add cheaper and better
parts into it.

woops – :confused:
scare of being criticized on my spelling mistakes here
so many harsh graders.