A question about laminated wood to cabinet (large object)


Hi, my name is Solomon.

My class is building a kitchen island which will house a stove top, microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, round refrigerator… for final. This wide is around 3.5 ft and the length is around 9.5 ft. This is the skeleton (which does not actually reflect what happen inside) so far, and we plan to build vertical ribs along the cabinet surface and laminate thin poplar sheet around it.

However, my question is “are there alternative ways to do this?”

One of my teacher mention about a corrugated board that is half paper half wood he used many years ago but I couldn’t find it.

Also can anyone recommend some US supplier? Any info will be appreciated.

Aside from the materials, design wise what do you think about this kitchen island? Any comments are welcome especially the negative one.

I’m having a hard time reading your sketch, but the material you are asking about is paper honeycomb faced with thin plywood. You can kerf cut through the inside skin and the core and it bends easily. Lots of people make something like this- it gets used on boats a lot. Check out Tricel and Ayres. I had a bunch of samples of this stuff, but I don’t remember where it was from, and I’m not sure where it is now. Also look at a product called Gridcore.

Wow amazon stuffs. A lot of questions had cleared out of my head now. Thank you very much for your information. I’m sorry for the sketch but you can keep track on the build in my flickr. Thanks again you saved my class.