A professional degree versus individual creadit courses


I have about 6 yrs of experience in the digital design field (and a plus 2 yrs in the field of interior design). I have had experience by working as a 3d Animator, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Interior Designer. I am a self - taugh artist and a designer and have no formal design/art education.

I always thought that a design degree is not always a must in this profession as most of it you learn only through practise. But looking at the NYC job market and the competition, maybe I require one.

I moved into NYC recently. Would appreciate your inputs on:

  1. What do you think would be the right kind of design course for me, a professional masters degree ( but that will require me from doing it full-time and hence not working) or credit courses on various subjects like print-making, digital design etc. (like what the Columbia University offers)?

  2. With the given above background, what would be the best kind of course? Visual Arts? Or do I get into something more specialised that would suit the job market?

  3. Any recommendations of good universities in NYC? From what found on the net, I see NYU and Columbia Univ to be pretty active and kind of good?

Eagerly awaiting your responses.

Maybe I’m not up to date on Columbia’s offerings, but I don’t think they include design. Also, it seems like a fine university but not so strong in the fine arts either. What exactly are you looking for, and why do you think this would be a good fit?

I feel Columbia University would be a good fit only from the angle that these credit courses can be done along with work. They do have one course on visual arts(under the continuing education category). But only thing that pinches me is the cost of each credit, which maybe way too high when compared to actually doing a degree. Your opinion? And suggestions for any better well known univs in NYC?


If you’re looking for a well-known school, I’d suggest Pratt, Parsons, or even FIT (they’re art/design schools, not universities). NYU is good for film and interactive design, but with less emphasis on the design side of things. For a good price, check out the various CUNY colleges, such as Hunter, Brooklyn, or Baruch.