A problem posting "search" results

I’ve run a couple of C77 searches attempting to answer questions in the materials forum. I’ve noticed that the search engine works when on the “front” page of the forum but not from “within” a particular topic. I interpret this as the engine is searching only that topic; that’s okay, just step back to the front page.

But I’m running into difficulty posting the search results into the discussion.

Here is what is happens:

e.g., a search of the word “urethane” results in 57 hits.
The URL at the top of the resulting page is:http://boards.core77.com/search.php?fid[]=2
(note that I had to bump http up against the **:**for this to view correctly )

But when that URL is entered into the topic’s “reply” box, and “previewed”, the result is altered, and appears as:
(note last 4 characters are in black and are not linked).

As you can see, the page then presented is not the result of the search, but of the “reset” search page.

In the past it has been possible to post search results.

Any idea what is going on?
Am I missing something?
Is there a work-around?

The entire url is -


Search for urethane ← try clicking that.

It can be as simple as


I get it… …

Copy” doesn’t get it all … “Select All” does… . . It’s always the simple things… …

You da man will… .

Thanks. Lew