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Peequal is the name of a porta-potty system designed by, and specifically for, women. UK-based college buddies Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane, who worked at music festivals together during summers, became fed up with the long lines for women's bathrooms. The wait times, the duo say, can be "up to 34 times longer than men's."

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I’m not sure this is that well thought out. I am not a woman, but I have known many women who have joked together that depending on outfits, they sometimes need to almost completely get undressed to go to the bathroom, and since its open air and you can see across the top, it may lead to even more privacy concerns.

How do you quickly find out if it is occupied??? There is no indication besides walking in each stall…

I literally made an account just to comment on this. This is a squat toilet. You invented something that already exists and made a porta potty version of it. It’s not even as useful as an actual squat toilet, because those allow for more waste than just urine.

Privacy concerns aside, these seem wildly inaccessible. I’m disabled, and while not needing a handicap stall, there’s no way in hell I could comfortably and consistently use those.

As an alternative, might I suggest, stp (stand to pee) devices? You can buy disposable ones in bulk or reusable ones made from things like plastic or silicone. There’s a massive variety created by both the transgender community and camping/hiking/ect hobbyists. I use them, and after a quick learning curve, they’re incredibly easy to use and I’d bet they’re faster than that thing. You could provide disposable stps alongside more traditional urinals like toilet paper at regular toilets. I’m willing to bet that would be more effective at cutting down line time than this, although I do think it’s good to have a variety of bathroom options, this just doesn’t do a good job at fulfilling it’s intended purpose

Look I’m not a woman but this seems dystopian. The problem isn’t the design of urinals, it’s the amount provided specifically for women, and the design of women’s clothes. This removes privacy and comfort for absolute speed. The only clever thing is the shape but I frankly don’t think it’s much different.

In a wheelchair is another reason to avoid the festivals if, getting there wasn’t the only obstacles. Another design pushing us out of inclusiveness.

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