“Name Me, Win Me” Luchadork naming contest!!!!

What’s goin on everybody?

I’ve been on this site a handful of times and decided that the time was right to create an account. A few months ago, a buddy and I wanted to see if we could try our hand at creating toys from all the things floating around in our head. What resulted from all the brainstorming and all the late night sketches were the creations of the “Luchadorks” and “Yokaira”. From there we managed to create a decent prototype and have begun to hit the circuit and get as much feedback as possible for our designs. We already made it out to the Winter VTN this past December and now we are off to the NYCC!!! So if you are going to the con and you happen to see us there, don’t be shy to stop by and say hello or check out our designs! You might be lucky enough to get a Blockhead Brigade sticker or two! :smiley:

Currently, we just launched a contest with SpankyStokes.com allowing people a chance to name one of our Luchadork designs! If you want to participate, and I think everybody should, just visit SpankyStokes.com and click on the contest on the righthand side. All you have to do is enter your suggestion in the comments area and that’s it! The lucky winner will receive a 5" custom MAD*L painted up Luchadork style. So hurry over and do your part because the contest only runs until February 8th.

Also, if any of you have some time, come check us out at BlockheadBrigade.com. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, so please let us know how we can improve our designs or what you like/dislike or if you want to preorder one. :slight_smile: Haha. JK. We aren’t even thinking that far ahead yet, but yeah, check us out if any of you have time.

Thanks everybody and GOOD LUCK!!!.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So after hours upon hours of careful deliberation, we somehow have managed to narrow the slew of names down to one sole winner. A big thanks goes out to SpankyStokes.com for helping us make this contest possible. Thank you to all of you that participated. This experience has been super fun and the amount of support we have received has been great. Hopefully you guys will hear more from us in the near future, so be on the lookout!

To check who won, log on to BlockheadBrigade.com or SpankyStokes.com!!!

~ [o_o] BRIGADE

sounds cool. congrats on getting things off the ground. how are you guys planning on getting the figures mass produces, or small scale production? by hand? silicone molds?

Checked out the page - I love the winning name. Good pick!