A need for Mead

Hey, I got my tax return back, my birthday is coming up, time to spend some money on something I don’t need. This year I am wanting to get a Syd Mead book. What Books are better then others? If anybody has a copy of one they might like to sell please PM me with more info.

I have all three of the “Portfolio Series”… not willing to part with them (I got them signed when I met him back in college!) but I would recommend them. Large drawings, no text, just total wow factor.

I’ve always wanted the old Giger books. So creepy and awesome.

I’ve got the portfolio books, plus Oblagon.
I’d recommend Oblagon if I had to pick one.

I saw the title of this topic and thought (hoped) it was on the subject of drinking and/or brewing of mead, bummer, doh!

I actually thought it would be about a redesign for this:

Silly word association. :laughing:

You’re not the only one.

You’re cracking me up on this. I didn’t even think about that.

Nope, but I have wanted to get in with them (local to me!) and bring back the trapper keeper as a net book/ kendall case.

I know a guy who has some of the statues and an original or two and they are… well creepy. He has some prints too. Have you seen the chair he did? W :open_mouth: W eat your cerial in that every morning prince of darkness.

So about the topic, all the books are good, but Oblong is the way to go if I have an option on it. Cool. I wish I could also get some PDF’s of the books just to look at them for inspiration. They are like muslimgauze albums, just so hard to find and when you do you pay for them.