A need for 3 Dimensional Design Interfaces

Does anybody else think that better design could be achieved with a better interface? We design 3 dimesional objects with a 2 dindionsal tool, the mouse, which hasn’t changed since it’s creation. I think change needs to happen in a big way in the near future with computer aided design.

I want an interface that alows me to create with my hands in a virtual enviornment, much like how a sculptor would start with a block of marble or pile of clay and shape it to his desired form with multiple tools. Think of the complex shapes that would be possble if you could stretch and form a virtual medium that has no physical limitations! Obviously I’m not talking about using these tools to detail something for production, but mainly for conception, and also for creating enviornments.

There are two people that I know of that have attempted this. One is an interior design professor in Ohio that created a virtual design program that involved whereing goggle and glove interfaces and moving and stretching interior spaces with your hands.

The other and more promising is Steve Schkolne. He uses a stereoscopic display together with input devices. Check out his site and click on projects and then 3d interfaces. He has some movies showing how it works…


The concept is there, but it needs to be taken farther. I am interested in your opinions and other information on this concept.

That will be great! Designers will no longer be confined in their sad little cubicals!!!

or we’ll be a bunch of sad looking people in sad little cubicles waving our arms all around in the air.
saying “come on, come on…come on…DAMM why won’t this render? This program sssssuuuUXXXX!”

Interesting site kinetik! Thank you for posting.

I’ve complained about 2d interfaces for 3d design since my sophmore year in university! I think the problem can be solved with a 2d interface though. I know when I build a model I am not limited by anything but time. Even if my only tool is a rock, I know that if I take my time I can carve anything, and if I make an error, I can slop a little clay or bondo and start over. That’s what I don’t like about 3d modelers. I feel like I’m designing with someone elses highly specialized tools which were designed specifically to make my designs harder to create in the software! Moreover, I haven’t found a modeler that works in a deconstructing fashion (like sand paper).

The tools are already here http://www.sensable.com/. Just bring a bundle of cash.