a narative led project? or ID?

Hi !
I am on my final design project and am wondering if I should :
1- do a more conceptual and narative led project
2- do a more industrial product (e.g. medical equipment etc).

The first will allow me to explore… though I have no idea where to start… but I am sure will allow me to have some fun…
The second will allow me to show industrial design skills in my portfolio and also allow some fun… but not any conceptual thinking.

What would u reccommend? I think I lack some pure industrial design in my folio, but wouldn’t firms like to see cerativity more than conceptual work? or does conceptual mean different - meaning good?

I really appreciate any advice.


…either way, your key driver is time…make sure you can do a complete and comprehensive job of it, what ever it is…make it something you can carry with one hand or even slip in your pocket if possible…finish a few days early, so you can practice your presentation and get some sleep the night before.

No 2

depends on what you want to do. Think of it like this, if someone handed you a dream project, for you what would that mean? OK now do that. :wink:

I agree with the above, you’ll propbably do your best if you are really into it. I have been involved with a few classes working on projects that are open like this and I think the most important thing is that you act quickly so that you do not waste time jumping from idea to idea. It is an easy way to loose a couple of weeks.

On almost any product that you pick there will be room to show a range of skills so I suggest you set a deadline, get advise from friends, weigh it against the other stuff in your folio, think about what products you really love and then force yourself to start.