A more colorful summer?

Gillette has intorduced their new shaver during the Olympics this week. The Mach 5…er Fusion. What I found most interesting about the design is the color. The last five years has been dominated by black, grey and white, along with honest materials like brushed aluminum. This was seen both on the Mach 3 and Quattro shavers, as well as in products like the iPod and many others. There have also been notable products like the Dyson that have featured one color and grey.

This new Fusion razor breaks away from this trend though. It features blue and orange prominently, along with silver. If this were any other company, I might think it is an anamoly. But this is Gillette with the resources of P&G behind it. Undoubtedly there was a ton of research behind these colors.

What colors are your next projects?