*A lot of hard work, but don't be afraid to tear it apart


I can see that people are looking, but not commenting. Let’s hear what you have to say!

Checked it out earlier on the iphone but couldn’t see it as it doesn’t support flash.

Here goes-

  1. seems to take a long time to initially load. Might be a turn off for some as many portfolio sites are quite lite or even blog based.

  2. The automatic fading in and out of the logo for each project is kinda unnecessary and a pain. I want to see the work as fast as possible.

  3. The content of each projects I checked out (mostly the ID stuff and a few graphics and fashion things) was mostly very much at a high level (your sketches are great) and good to see process on the ID stuff. There could be more process stuff for the graphics and some of the other projects. Also I’d say that the graphics stuff seemed noticeably weaker, so maybe consider omitting. Also found it confusing that you have 3 different sections for the graphics stuff but if you click the next arrow you go smoothly from one section to another. Maybe no need for the 3 sub sections. Philosophy section I would get rid of as there is really nothing there and it sounds kinda pretentious. Also music there doesn’t seem to be any content, so ditch it.

  4. UI. Overall, pretty good, but a few points. The clicking on the hand in the fashion section seemed not obvious even though you noted it. I would expect to click on the people. Music section - is there any content there? if so I couldn’t figure out how to get to it. Philosophy section also seems to move the UI down so everything is a bit jumpy. Also not sure why there is a different background for some pages and not others. Icons and the main UI are OK, but not sure what the main icon is supposed to be. a bit incongruous with the others, likewise the eye for the graphics doesn’t seem to be as literal or match with the ones for fashion, music and ID. You might want to also rename Industrial to ID or Product Design as it looks like I would expect to see manufacturing things not product design (I knew what it was cause you said you were an ID guy).

One further note, why is it that the ID section requires preloading but the others do not. Kinda annoying and odd especially after the long home page loading.

Hope this helps. It does look like overall solid work, but with all these small distractions and UI things I think you aren’t selling yourself as well as you can. I’d much rather look at your work in one of those flash page flipping PDF things or on a blog than the flash website you have. I think your UI and site are getting in the way of the goodness of the content and aren’t really adding anything.


Thank you so much. That is exactlt the kind of constructive criticism I needed. Most people just say, “Hey, great job.” That doesn’t help. I will rework what I have because a lot of what you said makes sense. Thanks again.

Does anyone else have any suggestions before I start begin the big task of reworking this thing?

Same Points as mentioned above. The preloading for each ID project is annoying and slow. The U-Haul project link is broken? Goes to post it note and u click next and it brings u back to main page. The fasion part I wanted to click on the people to get it to work. (Note: If you have to write directions on how to do something it’s not intuitive.)
Other then that I am extremely jealous of your mad sketching skillz. There is a ton of stuff in there though which I think may be a bit much given you have process for all the ID stuff. May need to trim some stuff out.

Great work. The only thing I could add is the simplicity of the page. If you have lots of good work to show, you need much more simpler website. You are not showing your webmaster abilities. You are only presenting-demonstrating your work. If you make it simpler, then the focus will go to whatever you want to show. Let the user has the absolute control over the site…

Hope this helps…good luck!!!:slight_smile:

Thanks. One thing I can learn from that post before last is that I can’t expect anyone to read anything that I took the time to write. When one spends most of the day on the internet, the expectation of instant satisfaction is a closely held cultural value. The old idiom, “Designers are visual people.” is never more apparent than when someone is pressing the ‘next’ button to skip over my work so fast that they complain when they are stopped for a 2000 millisecond pause. The expected retort being, “Well, I am a busy person with many responsibilities, and I don’t have a lot of time to look at your work in detail.” The thing is, that a defensive retort does not make one more important, it just makes one predictable. I am particularly dissatisfied with my fellow humans today. Can you tell?

I do however sincerely appreciate the time that was spent hurriedly zapping through my efforts. I’m sure it was a grueling break from youtube and facebook.

^ not a cool response. I can understand the frustration of re working and doing the portfolio. I’ve re read all the posts here and personally cant see why you have a beef with the one from hoozy. You posted asking that people were veiwing and not taking the time to write back and they have. To add from what I see all of the feedback is useful.

Should add that apart from the celebs on here you dont know who anybody is, and could be potential employers(long shot but possible), so to get on your soapbox and ranting about facebook youtube time is really not cool you never know somebody in the design world might of generally taken time out of their day to look not only look but give you feedback as well. Id be majorly miffed to see that response especially if it was attached to a post that I had previously posted, and almost certaintly wouldn’t look at your folio again. Just something to think about.

Your portfolio. Yes to agree with all that as been said that flash is very annoying and slow.

I personally would have wanted to see the final out come at the front and the description of the brief, to see if it was worth clicking all the way through to the end.

Most of your sketching is pretty good, better than most.

Definately loose the philosphy and proabably the writing illustration, all i saw was random sketches in the writing illustration.

Cant stand that font you’ve used. I understand it works for the post it notes but contrasting against the background on some of the pages you have large headers with 3-4 lines of text which tbh i found quite hard to read.

Personal opinion is to loose the whole flash UI together and pop everything into one PDF book type presentation and allow people to scroll through it, it should flow better then.

best of luck with the rework.

You are right sketchme. I’m sorry Hoodzy. Yesterday I was bumming about the federal budget deficit in the U.S… Feeling somewhat helpless, and I got a bit testy. I did sort of get up on a soapbox didn’t I? That was inappropriate treatment for someone who was just trying to help.

Hey, speaking of youtube and soapboxes, I race with these guys sometimes. http://www.sfvisbf.com/
Check out SFVISBF Soapbox Race - 11/12/06 - YouTube and other videos for more soapbox action!

BTW. Thanks again to everyone who gave me their opinion. I have started to a revamp and your input helped to shape the new build. It will probably take a couple of weeks.