A lost art?

A couple things on this video.

  1. There are some sick bikes in his garage and I was drooling.

  2. Are we really losing this do it yourself, blue collar mechanical attitude? Certainly times change, and maybe there are less and less people who know how to use a tool but I think there are also more and more entrepreneurs. I kind of feel like were going to come out of this recession depending less on big corporations and more on ourselves and our community.

I think we, as a society, aren’t losing it. Maybe white collar guys like us are getting further and further away from it, but there are thousands of 20 year old guys that are stuck in blue collar jobs today that have the skill to do this. Eventually, some of them will.

The only change is where it will happen. I know that in Phoenix, the city shut a lot of junk yards, warehouses and garages in order to “beautify” and turn the land over to developers. That forced a lot of guys to either hang in the towel, or move even further out.