A little PR help please...

Hello all - any help on the following would be hugely appreciated.

I work for a company that does some animation/broadcast design and
I’ve recently been charged with the responsibility of compiling a
database of graphic design websites, newsletters and magazines to send
out Press Releases to. I have literally no budget so I can’t buy into
a database and am therefore researching each entry - a laborious

Does anyone know where I can find a free database, contact list or

Or…more specifically does anyone have any suggestions, favourite
sites, magazines, that I might look into?

Thanks again, and any info would help me immensely.

Hey B…

I would probably start looking and inquiring at the local schools that offer GD courses… and talk to the students and/or faculty…

Other than that, hope these help…


No budget sounds like fun! :open_mouth:
Good luck!