A little introduction and some of my work

Hey all,

im glad to have found this little community. I know or have seen some of the work some of you guys have put together down on kicksguide.com, as well as on this site / forum and its downright amazing what some of you guys come up with. Im a new student to this game having only designed my first shoe after accidentally pulling up the KG website when looking for sneakers online back in February of this year. So I look foreward to some of your suggestions and expertise in hopes to better myself.

Here are a few sketches that I have recently done. Some of you guys on KG might have seem them all, but it doesnt matter, here they are again. As always your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


Rich Benares

Definately some Hot Ish!! very good work…

nice overall. and eye catching.

however, ease off and practice more on the highlights. those tight brightspots are for samurai swords.

i’ll put it down this way…
you got skills, amazing skills for a non profesional but
as all the talented designers you are heavily influenced by
what’s on the market and by your idols.
if you solve that you’ll be a top player


hey hey rich…it’s been a minute since our last convo…nice to see you on here…btw, it’s titus (stalrizal)

good stuff, as usual. you stepped it up for the Lebron too.