A little humor for the Parents (especially the Dads)

A slice of my life! thank you i needed that laugh today.

You and me both, my friend. The humor of life can sometimes get lost in the shuffle :wink:

definitely captures the essence of the “zone defense”

While we’re on the theme…

My Son :wink:

A play ground stand off we all wanted to see.
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Sorry, I don’t get it. The Toyota add says: If you want to make a complete fool of yourself, buy a Toyota “swagger wagon”.

That playground video is absolutely hilarious! Thanks for posting!

You won’t get it until you are in the moment. Trust me…I didn’t “get it” either. I, along with virtually ever other parent, am a living breathing stereotype of suburbia. I feel like I’m living a bad SNL skit :slight_smile:

True. At this point in my life, I’d kill for a minivan.

I think I just died a little inside typing that in public.

I’m not a dad and I thought it was hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing.

I did too… the swagger wagon commercial is great! It reminds me of the rap scenes in Office Space :laughing:

awesome, thanks for tossing these up, I just posted the swagger wagon to FB.

Someone should do one where “we” can tell someone is messing with the thermostat, it’s a joke around our house.