A little concern about Studying Industrial Design.

Hello. There is one serious concern i have quite some time , I like Industrial Design , but i started my studies slightly differend . When i finish high school and it was the time to choose a subject to study the 2 choices i liked best were Graphic Design & Industrial Design . After some discutions ,and taking in mind that in my country (Greece) we lack the High Education in Industrial Design , i choose to study Graphic Design…
So here i am now after 3 years nearly finish , thinking #$@! i wont to study Industrial Design !!!. It’s not that i don’t like Graphic Design (there are parts of the same family ) but there is something more apealing in I.D. the form , the 3D dimension , the interactivity… ohh

ok to the point now , I want some opinions if this is very crazy (to start studying again in a differend subject) , and what conections it has with Graphic Design? I now some basic aspects are same , like rules on e sucesful design (balance , contrast, e.t.c.) . Also some sugestions not spesific to univercitys but to countries (in Europe) and there status in Industrial Design education. And last , is it possible to make such a jump with my Graphic Design background (not Knowing any 3D program, and with a pile of dust in my mathematics, and phisic side of the brain)

I am 21, (also how many years is an industrial Design course?)

Thanks a lot.!!!

I have a degree in industrial design and worked in the field for 10 years. I wished I had studied graphic design… so 2 years ago I went back to school for graphic design. I am so glad I did.

The fields are related. Your graphic skills will help you as my ID skills helped me. You might make a great package designer when you’re done. Great way to use both skills!

Plenty of people transfer into Industrial Design from much less closely related fields – I started out in Engineering, I know other successful designers who studied English or Art History to begin with. So moving over from Graphic Design is very realistic. A standard ID undergraduate degree takes four years, though with your background, this will probably be shorter.

As for which country to go to…there are excellent design schools in Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, but the emphasis and culture of design varies greatly. Many other discussions on this board deal with which design schools in Europe are the “best,” so I would refer you there (especially since I’m an American, and not as familiar with them).

In any case, best of luck.

My Design Drawing 2 teacher was a degreed GD grad for 15 years before he went back to school to get a degree in ID. I think that your GD experience will be valuable in pursuing ID. Also, you are so close to being able to get out into “the real world” (which I think is the most valuable school in existence) that I would be hesitant to get back in line. But, it’s up to you. Since you will have to take the same classes whether you do it now or later, and you’re only a year away from graduating, I would finish up, go work for awhile, then go back. I am 32 and worked for 10 years before going back to school, and I think that my experience working has helped me sooo much with my school.

i really would not worry about being too old. I’m 27 and just graduated from a 3d design course in Scotland. I false started on an architecture course when i left school at 18. After a couple of years I realised that I just didi not want to be an architect… with at least 4 years of training ahead of me i just wasn’t prepared to finish a course that i wasnt fully commited to.

After working for a couple of years in various BS service/bar jobs i realised that I needed to express my creative side and that i would never be true to myself if i ended up doing data input or admin for the next 40 odd yrs! Soo… I took a risk and went back… and never looked back graduating top of my class.

Although both my subjects were 3d based, I think that GD will furnish you with many skills that ur potential new ID buddies wont have. Firstly you will work hard … second time around is hard but you will find that you might be alot more commited than your freshman collegues? Secondly… many ID students dont have good presentation/graph skills, relying on cad/3d mod to answer all their problems, at least you should be able to effectively communicate your ideas using creative tools such as storyboarding and user profiles etc.

Dont worry about the jump to 3D, if you have a good creative soul the rest can be learnt especially the software… its much more important to be able to use your brain and a pencil/paper or photoshop/illustrator/corel etc than the 3d stuff. Any potential company wiorth their salt hire on the basis of your creative process and not whether you can click a mouse or not.

well my 2 cents… good luck and dont be scared to jump.

also… UK will prob give you the best allround experience… and dont just opt for london there are loads of great schools all over the UK.

(especially Scotland… I studied at Napier Uni in Edinburgh and we as a school won more student awards - d&ad /rsa than any other school in uk. have a look at the Design Futures course.)