a list of companies i would like to work for..but HOW?

About the end of the year i will be completing my ma in design and i am interested in working for a period of time (maybe internship) in a major swiss watchmaker (zenith/patek phillipe…etc) or firms like Hermes/LouisVuitton/Longchamp/MandarinaDuck. I come from greece, i study now in italy, but i do not want to go back (for now at least…) My question is :

**>**do i have to present them a portfolio dedicated to watch/luxury/bag design?
**>**how can i approach them?

**>**internship is paid ?

has anybody worked for one of those or similar? any tips?

thank you for your contribution

ps. I have posted also for this subject in footwear forum about working in companies such as nike/puma/adidas…if u have any idea u can post a reply here…

ever hear of the ‘seven degrees of separation’?.. the jist is that you are only seven contacts away from anyone else in the world…or you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone etc…the rest is up to you…

:cry: :frowning: :wink: ,

well…is that the way all these firms work???

then what is up to me… :smiling_imp: ?

thanx for the info!usefull!

yep! guest was me…

You know, I have found out the hard way that working with dream companies usually turns into a nightmare. As a young ID’r I wanted to work for all the top European style manufactures, you know the big cool italian design manufacturers.
The crazy thing was that within a year of starting my company I was working for some of them, COOL! no, it sucked! they basicaly want you to work on speck (no pay) and when you get something into production they “forget” to send the royalties" payments. In their opinion being able to list them as clients is payment enough? I fired them all!!! well, except two.

thank you naught but shite,

i do understand that there is a myth around those companies (also some design masters whome we consider as gods when you meet them you realise that they r just common people with many bad characteristics). Still i would like at least to try. I also know that especially in italy you are mostly consider as slave than a designer but most of the companies i would like to work for are in other countries than italy…

Well If you still want to do it? The way I landed the deals was to just go to where they where. Usually at trade shows and parties. I “target” the people I wanted to meet then would just walk up and give them my spiel (but then again so did a lot of other designers). I just made them think I was better, actually no, I made out that I was some hot design kid from North America where every one knew my name and loved my work. Hey some of them even wanted to sleep with me but I was not into guys (probably would have helped my career though? - oh well).

whaaat? are you serious?

Man! even in id world exist such phenomena?

naught but shite, maybe i will have to come up with my story…and think of ways avoiding sleeping with thhose guys…hahhaa :wink: .

thanx for the info.

you think that is important a face to face contact instead of just submitting a cv and a portfolio?I am more than sure that they will receive hundreds of portfolios every day and unless it REALLY mine stands out i have no luck…You see there schools that focus in such market (luxury design footwear…etc)