A.I. is Pumping CAD now


… primitive CAD for the time being but you can see the improvement since their last text-to-model release …

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These two posts are worthy of a good old fashioned reflective article that looks at the siesmic shock of AI on the design profession. I will work on it here for now. Here’s my motivating question:

What is the role for the human being in the industrial design process?

update edited version: What is the role for the human being in the industrial design process now that AI is here?

Tsang, Y. P., & Lee, C. K. M. (2022). Artificial intelligence in industrial design: A semi-automated literature survey. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 112, 104884.

6 intellectual cores related to AI in industrial design are formulated:
(i) supply chain perspectives on product design and innovation,
(ii) manufacturability and performance of new product development,
(iii) intelligent tools and systems for industrial design and engineering,
(iv) applied intelligence for product and service innovation,
(v) industry 4.0 technologies for design and manufacturing, and
(vi) blockchain-enabled artificial intelligence in industry 4.0.

Future research trends on sustainable design, trust in AI, and emerging technology integration towards the next-generation AI in industrial design are discussed.

That we seem to enjoy doing it?



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This is true. I talked to some designers today and everyone’s enjoying all the AI stuff.

I’ve done some homework and am writing an early blog post on this - will post tomorrow

I mean with AI in it. Let me edit the question ;p

Haha I meant we enjoy doing design - without or with artificial augmentation / replacement.


Screenshot_2023-05-17 Core77 - Seismic Shift Rethinking the Design Industry
Caption: Seismic Shift: Rethinking the Design Industry, Core77, March 2005

My rough draft of an article on this Log In ‹ Perspective — WordPress

tl;dr - Things got interesting when I did homework online. ID will survive this far better than less tangible disciplines
also, as @slippyfish anticipated in the other AI thread, where it can be useful will be:

what the generative design programs do is create a space in which man can propose something new and improved compared to the existing one. Within this scenario, the designer represents intention, inventiveness. The software is a very powerful tool to allow it to get where it never could. For example, to make an object more environmentally friendly: more compact for transport, lighter, using fewer materials with equal strength and durability.


This looks interesting.