a hotel room countertop appliance

in the course of designing an appliance that shall be placed at the pbedide/dining table of hotel rooms, we are facing a challenge regarding how to connect it to the control desk.We nered to dispense a liquid from it, that shall be charged on a daily basis and the final charge shall be summed up and credited to the inmate as he checks out. could anybody tell me what cud be the ideal way to communicate the same to the control desk

a. wireless (hifi/bluetooth)? do most of the hotels have that?>
b. phone line???
c. cable

anyuthing else???

Two methods that don’t require connectivity:

  1. Housekeeping can maintain it just like the minibar. They can have a special key or access code to reset a “charge counter.”

  2. Use a mag-swipe card (the room key?) Upon checkout the hotel can charge the balance to their credit card on file. This method requires that they leave their room key behind–which many don’t do. In that case you could resort to method 1.


All sorts of communication methods are used, it depends on the hotel. Perhaps you should offer a standard variety of them built in?

If you need to pick only one, Wi-fi seems to be the brightest candidate. Wireless networks are already pretty much universal in hotels these days, and transceivers are cheap. Installing and maintaining wiring in every room costs hotels $$$.

Electric lines. If it’s plugged in, just have the signal carried via the same power line.

cseven, would u please elaborate on that??? cud be an interesting option

cg, housekeeping is one simple option, do u know of any product that uses magnetic swipe for such case? i know cards(atm, credit, access) using them, even they are used for traffic regulationand parking purposes, but in case we need to use a liquid for say, 3 min 40 sec for a day and we want the person to be billed a fixed a mount ,say 5$ a day, what in ur view would the mechanism be. (these are just figures)

ok credit card is a nice optionbut in case the guy doesnt have one? In many third world countries ppl dont have credit/debit cards. magswipe is a very very nice option, please lemme if u have something on this in mind or u come across a precedence.thanx man!

Just what it sounds like. Use the power cord. If there’s an electrical connection, it can be used. There are speaker systems that you plug into the wall. They get their signals through a home’s electrical system. The tuner plugs into the wall and broadcasts through the house’s electric system. The line carries both power and the signal. Just like a USB cable.

yup point noted, lemme see if i can study some of that. thanx cseven