A green fire-proof material

I was wondering if any of you knew of a good “Green” fire proof material? Also is there a comprehensive list of different “green” materials that we could try to incorporate into future designs? Thanks in advance!


I’ve read, and heard that wool is fire-resistant. Anyone else hear that?

ICE?..although you might use some energy to freeze it…but the only waste product is water.

This question is rather broad, more information is necessary such as application. Anything refractory can be considered fireproof or resistant.

I don’t know if that was supposed to be joke, but Kaowool ceramic fiber blanket is fire resistant up like 2500°F, it looks like raw wool.

uh no, its not a joke

“Wool is naturally fire resistant and will not burn but melt away from its ignition source and extinguish.”
Cool, I did not know that.:slight_smile:

thats what I thought, I didn’t think it would hook you up to 2500 degrees, but I remember an old firefighter telling me to wear a wool sweater under my bunker coat in the winter because it keeps you warm and wool if fire resistant.