A good laugh. Why never to ask favours from the designers

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I found the original version. Sorry about that!

That was priceless! Thanks for the good laugh.

I found the original version. Sorry about that!

Care to share?

If you edited that link, it’s not working either (for me anyway (which is the story of my life (but I digress))). :wink:

What? Really? Here’s another mirror


Awesome. That made my day.

Given the fact that I have spent all week doing posters for a Global marketing meeting, this truly made my day.

Eh, stringing along a guy who wants to make money off your donated design work is funny, but teasing an (inconsiderate) girl who’s distraught over a missing pet? That’s just being a dick.

I’ve had that site bookmarked for years, he does funny stuff. The spider drawing for payment is my favorite:

Golden! Thats hilarious

Another good design-ery one

Apparently you aren’t the one who has to make flyers/posters photographs of every cute animal, kid or grandma in the family.
I understand the reaction completely! A little harsh maybe…but hey she could have just photocopied the picture, put some text underneath it in capital letters and do it herself…
It’s always the same…People can’t do anything for themselves anymore…but they sure do know how to criticize.

If you don’t pay…i get to play :wink:



This one is even better:

Love it…Being an ass, yes…but a justified one :wink:



Holy crap, I love the set of cojones on this guy! But, the funniest thing of all is that people keep emailing him! That the exchange goes for 5-10 emails is incredible.