a furniture portfolio

hi there, im a just graduated i.d. looking for a master in elisava school (barcelona, spain), please take a look to mi portfolio in coroflot, is very simple and easy going but i will thanks any opinion.

i hope you like it

Beautiful renderings and clean design.

It would be great to see some process sketches, some thoughts as to the consumer/market, and some ergonomic studies/thought… I’m sure you have done all of that, I think your folio would look stronger if you gave us a hint of it.

Sketches would be nice as Yo mentioned, a sense of scale would also be a good thing.

From a graphic standpoint, IMO, the rounded rectangle border is 2 or 3 times too thick, and it would probably look cleaner if you either a: matched the tone of grey from coroflot to fill in the white shapes left behind (the background of your image) or b: shrunk the rounded rectangles down to allow a white boarder ( I think a: would be cleaner)

great renderings! and I like the designs and some of the colors :smiley:

Fantastic pieces! Are these renderings or physical models?

Perhaps you could provide some alternate views from different angles of some of them… it helps to communicate how they fill physical space. In this regard, perhaps a human or some other reference object, be it a glass, a book, etc. would also help.

hi there, i been looking your opinions guys, thanks to everyone. today i take some time to get better this thing (at least i think that, maybe i just blow it off, jajaja) please say me if that happen.

here is again my portfolio adress: