A-frame cabin

Decided to start building my dream cabin in my spare time. This is pretty early in development at this point. I want it to sort of be a mix of primitive and high tech construction where it makes sense.

Aside from the overall structure the last thing I worked out was a little upper deck section with kind of a suspension bridge concept where a climbing rope zig-zags through the railing and is anchored to the main structure. The deck would still be fully supported underneath, the suspension aspect is more of an aid in support.

Also on the back side where the wood burning stove exhaust pipe comes out the idea is to create a cavity with directed exhaust pipe behind a split log holding area to dry out the wood a bit faster after splitting… My guess is it might help it dry out maybe 10-20% faster.

Those are awfully large pieces of glass. I may be wrong, but it be difficult to have those as triple-pane.

Also, exhausting (which with a high-efficiency stove is not heat but only noxious fumes) into a closed cavity is likely against code. Except of course in Montana. Just don’t be accessing your wood pile while burning wood, you may pass out.

I’ve been looking at renting one of these for a vacation. There might be some inspiration here for you. https://farmeadow.com

thanks for the feedback!

Great idea. Also take a look at architecture of modern chapels and pavilions.
As a great entry has great impact on the building as a whole, why not consider having a triangular door to match the A-frame contours. If you have windows around the door you can create a nice well-lit entrance and reduce the size of the main front windows.
Some inspiration can be the Bruder-Klaus chapel near Bonn, Germany.