a few pumps...

these were just for done for fun; i’m an ID student at CMU.

Those are great little studies.

If you wanted to blow it out into a full project i would love to see:

  1. who is the consumer, what is their life like, where would these be sold?
  2. what are the possabilities for innovation? Can you make them more comfortable than current pumps through cussioning, materials, ect? How about the ability to change out the pop color for a little consumer customization? How about the bottoms? Any opportunity here for better traction or more cusioning through material and patern?

I love the gesture of those sketches though, good stuff.

Great to see some new posts, in this part of the forum. And a different flavor, womens pumps,( well yea…never heard of men’s pumps…but the reebok ones…jus kid’n) ok well anyways…

I like the fluid sketching. they are nice forms, I would like to see the bottom, and also something new, you have the form down and shapes, now amaze me make me go wow…i need a pair of those …for my girlfriend…I am have been drawn to your doodle that is hidden in the heel part of the second drawing what is that and what is that apart of…i am just wondering…was that apart of your thought process…I think its cool and want to see more. you did these in your free time…that is great do you want to do something in foortear do you mainly focus in womens pumps…what other types of shoes or materials or objects do you like?? maybe you can incorporate those things into your sketches…I dunno. but great start. keep posting…this these forums are a great way to get information…take advantage of it and use it…in a good way :slight_smile:

I apologize for the bad grammer…in my posts…might be hard to read…just ask questions if you don’t undertsand…trying to type english midterm paper and eat and well you get the point. :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback guys! yo, i love your suggestions for taking it further, i’m gonna try and do some more drawings and post them. mark, in response to your question about the second drawing, i was drawing from a little still-life i set up, but then kind of diverged into just styling shoes. the rest of the set-up looked like this:

i’m interested in doing footwear design eventually, also fashion design, furniture design, and integrated wearable technology… i suppose i’ll come to a specialty at some point. i’m a sophomore, i haven’t done many drawings of real product ideas yet, pretty much just worked on learning technique.

what is the marker you used with the greyish hue?

it’s a combination of a couple cool gray prismacolors