a few other oldies

Timex Asym (2001)

Ricoh iBall digital camera (2002)

Samsonite Shock absorbing wheels
Available on select bags http://us.samsonite.com/webapp/us/servlet/SProductDisplay?productId=119305&storeId=10001&langId=-1&pc=C10

Timex GripClip
Available at https://www.risd.com/product_detailnew.cfm?inv_number=DITULLO-001&trans_no=933792382103265&x=5

some great work there yo…well done!

I bet those wheels take care of the deadly wobbles that trip up so many hurried travelers.

the digital cam kinda awkward. the watch got a beautiful and rich design. as 4 thr wheel, its more like a speaker dont u think?

They’re great for cracks, seams and stuff. And they actually make the bag feel lighter and easy to maneuver which is good when you have a fully loaded 30". Hopefully the production runs work right, I only got to play with the prototypes. They are really nice.

Skinny, thanks for explaining the wheels.

The camera was a concept, a cheap digital with a nerf ball injected around it. Buttons on the camera lined up with color breaks on the surface of the ball and where connected via insert molded rods. The concept was to be able to throw the ball up in the air and take a rapid series of shots, say at the beach.

The Asym watch was my first time piece and still my fave. I did about 25 after that but the first was the most naive and the most pure. Not bad for a year out of school I think it holds up OK almost 5 years after it was designed. Too bad it only lived in the market for 1 year.

The gripclip was another early one, originaly released in 2001, it spawned so many knock offs that cargo magazine did a write up.

I had one of those - timex gripclip / tmx watch - the digital one with the kiddy “screen saver”, bought during my fresher year. Correction I still have it, but the spring went in the clip so its not a great deal of use any more, also all the paint started to come off to reveal the grey plastic beneath, so it doesnt look so hot now. It was well used though.

Still, collegues, etc. were interested in it at the time. I know there were many copies spawned but being an outdoorsy type I quite liked one I saw that was closer to a real karibina, smaller + metal with a little clockface.

Of course they’re kinda old news now, and I finally found a replacement watch that fits my small wrist (“speedo” branded grey and red kids watch but its not too bad, if a little bulky)