A few more questions.

Well, I still don’t think I managed to come up with something enough good, so I’m asking the following questions so I might get some more info so that I could come up with something better.

  1. Regarding furniture design - AFAIK “design”= coming up with a solution to people’s problems - somehow, “innovating” comes in mind. Again, somehow I can’t see the main issues furniture has nowadays, really.

  2. Regarding interaction design - again, does a “comfortable” OS interface design come to mind as well? A better Linux design, for example.

3.Regarding…well, designing a logo - is it necessary to write it down as well? With a pencil/pen/whatnot.

4.Can economy and design mix? Sounds like an odd idea, but…just came out in my mind. Don’t know, the 5 major interests in my life are graphics, music, art, politics and history.Sadly, the latter 2 aren’t going to keep me alive.

Shouldn’t this go into your original topic about your project? Only a few of us remember that thread and the rest of us will have NO idea what you’re talking about.

I think you’re thinking too much about it. Just find something you’d like to really live in for the next few months. Design isn’t an 8-5 job, you’ll be constantly thinking about it. Also, do something you have the resources to do and have necessary experience to start. If you don’t have a woodshop to actually make the furniture, then don’t do that project.

I don’t understand your 3rd question. A logo design is as much of a design as any other project that requires a deep understanding of brand, graphic design, and communication, typography, and the contexts in which the logo will be used, etc.

Number 4 isn’t an idea. It’s a really, really vague question. You should make a long list of actually actionable ideas based on that question. Duh, economy and design can mix. Is it about designing a campaign to help people actually understand how their government’s economy works? Would it be an interactive kiosk that teaches kids about why more taxes = more economic growth? Maybe it’s a more abstract sculpture piece that expresses the different model graphs (supply demand, AG-AS, IS/LM etc).

Start sketching and making lists for each one of things you can act on. Don’t be afraid to pick the wrong one and fail! Failure is part of the learning process.

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