A different scooter!!!!??

Which one would you prefer???

  • Motocross looking scooter
  • Urban looking Scooter

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Hey. Everyone check this motorbike out!! It’s an Fxbike that is phenomenally light and powerful(40kg/17hp). I love the idea of a hybrid of a downhill mountain bike and a motocross bike!

I’m looking at doing a hybrid scooter/motocross bike for my final pro. So many scooters are indistinguishable. I’m into a commuter/weekend scooter that can be fun and give the user a bit of adrenaline!

Would you want to own one??

Or one of these??

I think if something like that motocross bike with street wheels where available it would be a cool option. You should check out some of the light weight concepts explored by seymour powell


They have done several concept motorcycles that drastically reduce weight.

still… this is the epitome of true innovation…


Off road scooter already exists, but as far as I’ve seen, not many people use them the way they can be… like Hummer H2.

I am not a biker, but if I have access to a venue for off-road biking, then I will choose to have a “daily” rider and a separate weekend machine.

Im not certain, but I think there are some legal issues about what defines a scooter for road use (and applicable licensing). I think for some reason, sitting upright with your feet on the floor is part of it (as opposed to sitting over it like a motorbike).

There’s got to be a reason why all scooters look so dorky… (except maybe a vintage Vespa).