a design dream

I love design and i always want to continue to do so, but I also love the business side. I think one day i would want to open a business that sells only beautiful designed appliances and such. I know we have such things as C&B and sharper image, but I think a home appliance and kitchen store for only the best looking/woking designed producs would be a cool place. what do you think? And, you could always try to sell your own line as well.

Back in the seveties, while I was at Purdue, one of my professors opened a “design” oriented shop and ran it out of an old brick storefront in Lafayette. He called it “Interior Objects” and stocked a lot of nice, everyday usable stuff; flatware, china, cast-iron cookware, lighting, futons (which weren’t well known then) and other small furniture, European design publications, Marimekko fabrics, etc.

He ran his consultancy out of the backroom. It worked well because he didn’t have to hire employees to cover the floor; when the door bell rattled he just popped out from around the studio partition and slid into shopkeeper mode.

I’m not sure if he was subsidizing his retail effort with his consultancy or the other way around. Either way, I’ve always thought it was an interesting business paradigm. Needless to say his home was well furnished.