A deep interest but in deep darkness.

Hello there,

i am a diploma graduate in Civil engineering but have always had a deep interest for industrial design.

what would it take for me, someone with no background in industrial design to pursue a degree in it, or at least to get on its track? would my diploma be of any relevance/help to get me there? or do i have to start from scratch?

your advice would be very very very much appreciated. thank you!

As long as your previous school is accredited then a Master Degree would be the best track for a career in ID in your situation.

You might even be able to get in as a transfer student. Check with the school you wish to attend, but that might clear you out of your core requirements such as math, sciences, etc.

transfer might work for undergrad, which is definitly the best way to get started in any new career - that’s what its intended for.

Many schools like students with a lot of experience in other relevant fields. I would guess that civil engineering is fairly relevant. Go for it, ask the schools admissions counselors which degree would be right for you. You definitely have a chance, and won’t have to start from scratch.

Yeah, you might be able to transfer some credits, there may be a limit, 30 possibly like mine, if you go to another school with an IDS program. Unless, the current school that you attended will let you be able to use your past credits to build up. They’ll probably transfer liberal arts courses.