a deal or a dud?

Hi folks,

I am finally in the market for a new desktop computer (yay!) but my budget is super-small (boo!). Currently I use a Dell desktop that is so old that it will up and die if I do anything more complicated than simple Maya models with no shading what so ever. I like making very complicated maps for Maya, but dang if I can’t see the result if I try to run Mentalray!!

Anyway, I don’t have the funds or time to have a computer built for me, and my needs are pretty simple: I need to be able to run CS3, Autocad 08, Maya 7, and Solidworks 08. I am a freelancer, and mostly work in tabletop and furniture, with a lot of interior design stuff thrown in, along with graphic design. Occasionally children exhibit projects and athletic footwear comes my way, but not often.

ANYWAY, I saw this on the J&R website:

The specs look good to me, but I can not find a review of this system anywhere. I have used an Acer flat screen monitor for the last few years and it has been fine. But a monitor is not a desktop.

So. What do you all think? Should I get it?

Oh, I don’t like laptops. I only use one if I need to for presentation purposes.

Not bad, for the price. For a prebuilt. At all. But you’ll need a graphics card since it only comes with crappy integrated. So add an extra 100-200$ for some GeForce or 400$ for a Quadro FX1800.

Thanks for the opinion!

I looked again at J&R and found this:


I couldn’t spend more than 200 bucks on a graphics card anyway, so including tax, I think it would be hard to beat @ around $700, or am I wrong?

Hmmmm, the graphics card in it is still a little poor, it’s one of the poorest graphics cards of the new generation. You might be happier with a previous comp plus a 9800GT or GTS 250 for around 100-130$. Installing a graphics card takes only a few minutes which includes opening the case. Or take the second comp if you plan to upgrade to a Quadro sometime soon.

Will do, and thank you for all of your input! :smiley: