A daring topic: will China take over the design scene?

Do you think that China will eventually take over the design scene?
If so how?

If not, how too …

… just knew it was a tough topic but hope there will eventually be replies…

I heard from a couple of foreigners, among those Americans, who think that China will dominate the scene. If you see from the historical perspective on China’s inventions, and the ability to be original in different areas of science, arts and technology, China does have the capacity to dominate. They do not require to rely on others, neither do they lack their own methodolgical systems. In fact they don’t need to listen to anyone at all.

But there is one thing that China may not be the dominant — the younger generation are not as hardworking and perserverant than their forefathers. For their single child policy appears to breed a new generation that can turn out to be quite a problem.

Dominate - No, no one dominates.

Be a more active part of - Yes

Who are the top Chinese design firms?

cg you have a point there, at current, there are no prominant design firms to represent China. But whenever I see their progress, in due course, there will be a representative. It takes time but I cannot see why they cannot do so. I am just wondering how the future design scene will become after seeing more and more mainland Chinese works in various fields of creativity.

recently I have also chatted with a few expat.friends and they seem to think that the possibility is high. But there is also another viewpoint that china may never be in the forfront of design because of the environment they are having now.

Personally I view people as the main determinant for the future. All else being variables.


In order to understand this issue of China more comprehensively, I highly recommend understanding better just how the economics of banking, finance and foreign investment works in this new globalized world (among other econ topics).

As a designer, following the trail of how and why banking, finance, foreign investment and capital flows is essential in understanding why China and India appear to be receiving such attention right now in history. As well as help anybody create strategy for future design programs.

China has a very modern industrial base when compared to the US. They are just now beginning to grow their middle class and in doing so are using more resources (and designers) to do so. So the discipline of design is very emergent there now.

a few reading suggestions to help understand better…

The 2nd World - Parag Khana http://www.paragkhanna.com/

The Post American Wolrd - Fareed Zakaria http://www.fareedzakaria.com/

Globalized economics drives new design education methods

Most people will guage what you have done.
But the point is, the quality of people plays the most important part of the whole process. In every successful economy, there lies the group of people who can do change and pay in the quality of work that you require it.

There is no point indulging lots and lots of facts figures when the quality of people lacks quality.

Social cohesion and human character plays the most important role. Lack that, and it really doesn’t matter if you throw in all the data facts theories etc…social cost is still very vital and so is social astuteness and logic.

The other reason why China is prospering is also because they just do what they need and just adapt to the changing environment. The success of overseas Chinese is the same – tolerance, respect, hardworking and thriftiness. The emphasis of the family unit and the country. These are the fundamental blocks to lasting success.

They are what they are today because of their motive to be rich and successful. But they need to be aware of how their social structure is getting into. Family units and the ethical values must be in place to have continued prosperity that is both sustainable and peaceful. Imagine this unit being destroyed,and you get a chaotic social structure which will invariably eat up your economy too.

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Agreed with Timf. No one will dominate, but play a part yes for sure.

In fact Chinese Designers are playing a major part in many aspects of the design of products for their own consumption.

I think we should not misunderstand the interests in the big Asian giants like India, Korea and China. The rising buying power of the population is the reason efforts are taken to sell product in those local environments.

Certainly China will be a vastly increased power within the design world. I agree that they will play their own part on the global scene. It will be an interesting time to observe and take part in this change.

Some say that we risk losing design jobs to Chinese consultancies due to reducing costs. While this may be true for drawing up tooling plans etc. There will always be the necessity for designers in the West who can really observe and identify with the everyday cultural climate.

It is too easy to try catogerising as a threat or opportunity. It is how we ourselves react to the coming changes that will eventually tell us this. I feel that the growth of China can offer people in all professions opportunities for success so long as it is embraced.

I have no idea now i’m going to interact with the Chinese design community in future, but i think learning some Chinese will have to come first.

First post by the way. woo!

ciao tutti, it’s my first time to visit this web, and saw this interesting talking about Chinese design. I’m a Chinese designer who studied in Milan and working in Germany. Due to thousands chinese design students rushing to Europe and US to study design, hard working, I think in the future chinese design will be something. just right now we need to find our own direction and style. Also some companies they start to know the importance of design power, then it will be better environment for us. Sometimes we just don’t have choice,hehe.

sorry for my not perfect English, I’m learning italian and German now, and i noticed actually english is much easier.

I’m always open for talking and hope to make some designer friends. ciaociao

The best way of knowing whether a country or region is starting to dominate or not, is to know if it has its own identity. If a country has its own identity or character in design, it shows how big its growing. If you think China is developed enough to reflect its own identity in design, its on a right track! But as of now, I dont really see a distinct identity of Chinese design. I feel it’ll take some more time but certainly will reach high.

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coming back to check this replies here, and here I find xyz916’s post.
You are the typical example of the Chinese in Mainland China who are working zealously towards a better future. Not only in the field of the arts.
The fact you are open to anything that is beneficial to you will gradually put you on par of the best in the world.

Now you are learning from us, in due course, we will have to learn from you.

No one dominates. But the one who works to play a better role, will probably make more people looking up to them more. Its just like the US in the world of politics, science and tech., a good majority of the people in the world have to look at them.

your points are very valid. I wonder where you are from but the work of the mainland chinese here are showing a lot of their own style. Their art works are fast becoming one of the most sought after in the world.