A Curved-Flat Screen?

Ok, I know its possible (I think). I understand the working technology of a plasma screen. Why can I not find even one example of an intentionaly curved flat-panel screen. Its important for my current project, my tutors believe me… but they want an example.

help can you get me a picture? or a name? or a little direction?

im not sure, but i dont think its possible with a plasma screen to have it curved. maybe check into OLED or digital paper…


Possible? Technically perhaps. But for now you’re only going to see it in the movies (Minority Report comes to mind.) For now, you won’t find one due to the diminished returns of mass production. These things aren’t the easiest to build, even when they’re flat (which is the standard for electronics equipment production–ever see a curved microchip or circuitboard? I thought not!) Electronic Ink and OLED have been promising curved screens for a while now, but I haven’t seen a legitimate demo for anything bigger than a handheld PDA at this point.

I was in the digital-signage market a few years ago, and there were really only two options available for curved screens. I don’t think this has changed:

  1. Front or rear projection with a custom thermoformed screen (but you will get distortion from the single projector. This could be accounted for with a distortion lens, in motion-graphics production or theoretically through a “live” software or hardware effect filter.) There are some killer virtual-reality dome setups that do this with a fisheye projector lens.

  2. The digital wraparounds you see on the buildings in Times Square are custom LED setups. LED is ultra-expensive, and because of the low dot-pitch only works only at large scale and large viewing distances. Last time I checked it cost about $10,000 per tile (1 sq meter) and obviously much more for a custom curved setup. Look up Saco Smartvision or Sony Jumbotron for info.

What is the application?

Anything shown on such a display would have to be shot/designed/formatted specifically for it, otherwise it will be completely distorted.

IMAX theatres make use of curved projection screens, but the content is filmed with specialized equipment (wide angle lenses).

If you’re talking about something like a curved cell phone screen or monitor, then you should look into OLEDS I’ve seen them Paper thin (i saw people wearing t-shirts with movies playing on them) A few years ago Nike released this watch that has a curved lcd screen.

I have that watch… Not sure it has a curved LCD.

I dont have it in front of me, but from memory I think it was just a visual trick in the design to make it look curved, using a crowned surface on top.

If I remember, I’ll take a closer look when Im back home.

If you look at the geometry in the pic above, and other watches of similar design, you will normally see the LCD surface is a different part from the band on the back, that appears to be one piece. Hence the band can curve around the wrist, but the solid casing of the LCD remains relatively flat.


I’ve seen a curved PCB.

Yea the only reason why I posted that Nike watch was because I read an article on how it utilized a curved LCD :wink: